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Education Tools

Online Lesson Plans and Records of Work for Teachers.A state of the art tool for teachers at all school levels(currently based on Kenyan education systems:8-4-4 and CBC)

Online Marketing

Kwik Saf Soko – alias Meeting Point, is your sure bet for FREE advertisement in Kenya

Property Management

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Technological Innovation

We embrace technology and innovation as a way of ensuring successful ventures.

IT Consultancy

Our company guarantees to Offer tailored quality and innovative IT solutions to your operations.

Library & Textbooks Management

Kwik Saf Academia Registry equips learning institutions with a tool that helps them manage their Textbooks in a better way.

Our Commitment

Kwik Saf is committed to:

  • Ensure Quality We value your undertakings and so we take into account quality as we come up with software.
  • Reliability Our team is reliable and available to offer support to you at any time. 24/7
  • Credibility Guarantee With our products and services comes credibility which remains an important component in our operations.
  • Value for your MoneyAll our products give you value for the money you spend and goes a mile longer to give you bonus value

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