Property Management System


  • Create Account

    Create an Account for your agency.
  • Landlord Details

    Capture ALL your landlord's details.
  • Properties

    Which properties do you manage? It's time to capture them.
  • Add Units

    From one property to the other, all units.
  • Tenants

    Capture Tenants' details.
  • Rent Payment

    Time to capture rent from tenants.

Property Management Software

Kwik Saf Property Management Software is primarily online based. This means, to use it, you do not require to do any downloads. Instead, all you need is your phone or PC with internet connectivity.

Currently, our System targets Property Managers/Agents who control more than one property on behalf of onwers/landlords. However, if you manage your own properties, you will also find it equally useful.

We do take care of the needs of the Property Managers as well as that of the property owner without leaving out the client/tenant.

This system guarantees you exciting experience while at the same time ensuring that quality is well maintained. The security and integrity of your data is well thought out and taken care of by our experienced personnel.

How do you get started?

To start using our system, you begin by creating an account. Here you will provide a few details about yourself for the sole purpose of the system identification. it is by the use of the details provided that our system will recognize you and facilitate your operations.

After personal details, you will capture the details of the landlords/property owners. These details will be useful in the tird step.

In the third step, capture the properties that you manage, here you will be required to specify the name of the owner(you will select from details you provided in step two).

With the porperty details captured, it is time to Add Units to these properties. At this point, you will have to capture ALL the units in each property by citing their unit number or whichever method used to identify them.

In step number four, you Capture tenants. Key in the reuired tenants details. Where you make a mistake, or wish to change something concering a tenant, a provision is given for editing.

The final step is Rent Payment. Here, capture rent payment by year and month starting at whichever time you desire. This means, you can backdate your records as far back as you wish.


The system has a number of features and functionalities designed to make your work much easier.

  1. Automatic Rent Posting Come the beginning of the month and you have a huge number of clients(tenants) who you must capture their month's rent. You no longer have to worry about the paper work involved in posting new month's rent. Our system handles this for you.
  2. Emails to Tenants For every transaction carried out involving a client, the system forwards an email with PDF attachment to both the client and to your email as the Manager/Agent.
  3. Auto Tabulations Our system takes care of your calculations including your commission and the landlord dues, balances and expected payments.
  4. Payment Schedules As a property manager, you require to have a payment schedule for your tenants in all the properties you manage. We understand the task involved in preparing these schedules. That is the reason why we incorporated this feature into our system making it possible to view all the payment schedules by the click of a button.
  5. Tenants Operations With this system, you can view the tenants profile which entails all his/her details. You can also view the tenants Rent Card and download it in Pdf Format. Other tenant operations include, editing the tenant, releasing/vacating, moving and also removing the tenat.