Our Products

Kwik Saf Express engages in Software development and numerous other ICT related services.

Some of our products are listed here while others are undergoing various stages of development, testing and reviewing.

1. One product that is ready for the market is Kwik Saf Academia – Books Registry 


Kwik Saf Academia – Books Registry software is designed to assist schools and other institutions store, manage and operate data related to books issued out to students and other users. It also tracks the Books in stock giving you the exact quantity of all Books in school; both in store and the issued ones. This helps in reducing loss of books at almost 100%.


Report Stock

The idea of creating this software originated from a teacher who conceptualized the need to have a software which on a click of a button, can track with precision, books issued out to a particular student detailing all necessary information as opposed to keeping the record in analog form. After developing a personalized application and using it for a few years, other teachers developed interest in it. This led to the enhancement the software to what we have today. The developer hopes that the users will find this software useful l. In its current form, it is duo-purpose: it can be used for both class text and library books. It also keeps records of books issued in bulk to teachers/tutors for subsequent issue to students.

2. Kwik Saf SMS System

Kwik_Saf_SMS_UIKwik Saf SMS Application

Kwik Saf SMS application is a tool designed to enable institutions, corporations and persons intending to send Bulk SMS to a huge number of recipients at a very minimal cost. The system uses a GSM Modem; that means, you need a Sim card to be able to achieve the desired results.

Kwik Saf SMS system, apart from sending SMS, it supports Short Codes operations. By sending a short code, the sender receives a reply e.g. stating the upcoming events.

The systems also receives requests, e.g on Report Forms, Receipts, Clearance etc and immediately send the requested attachment via email. For example when a client sends this sms: send receipt The system will immediately do two things:

a) Process request, send back a reply like thisHalo, Paul Kibe, Your receipt has been sent to

b) Send the attachment to the stated email.


After receiving the confirmation email, the client can check the email. Viola! There is the requested document.


This system is our latest and is currently available in Beta version.


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