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Kwik Saf Academia – Books Registry is a product of Kwik Saf Express.

Kwik Saf Express is registered in Kenya and deals with among other things: software development, web designing, networking, information system and Database management, education instructional materials.

Our slogan is: Digitizing your World of work.

Kwik Saf AcademiaBooks Registry is a Text Books’ Management software.

It is designed to assist learning institutions manage and operate data related to books issued out to learners and other users.

It also tracks the Books in stock giving you the exact quantity of all Books in school; both in store and those issued out. This helps in reducing loss of books at a significant level.

Just pause for a moment and consider this:

How much do you spend on books per year?

By buying books on yearly basis, are you adding new stock replacing lost books?

Suppose you got a system that will help track all books and generate charge chits to students who have lost books, how would that be?

Kwik Saf Academia – Books registry gives you the solution.

Coupled with a number of other interesting functions including sending SMS to parents whose students who have lost books, this system presents a completely new dawn in the way schools run and manage their books resources.

The system operates at two levels:

(i)                  Level one – Deals with Books issued in classes.

(ii)                Level Two – Operates in your library.

One fascinating thing to note here is that, though these are two systems in one, they are packaged and priced as one system. Hardly do you come across such an offer.




System Features:

(i)                 Stand alone application accessible from your desktop or laptop.

(ii)               Network accessibility – Accessible to all authorized people across your local area network e.g from the office the school Manager can by a click of a button access information from this system.

(iii)             Mobile phone Access – with your Android mobile phone, all data stored can be accessed (but you cannot clear or delete from the phone for obvious reasons).

(iv)              Back up – Has ability to backup your data just in case.

(v)                CD – Burning – (Windows xp only) Burns your data to CD.

(vi)              Export functionality (Under Development) to help export data to other formats.

(vii)            Library section – Online catalog. (Under Development)

(viii)          Virtual Technical support via Team viewer – Our Technical team is able to assist you online without necessarily coming to your institution. You just give us the go ahead and we enter your computer and work as if we were there with you. (Courtesy of Team viewer developers)

The system has the following functions among others:

i)                   Issuance of Books.

ii)                  Books Clearance

iii)                Report Generation.

iv)                Registration of Book Titles, Subjects and Classes.

v)                  Registration of Students, Teachers and other users.

vi)                Issuance of other school items.

vii)              Sending SMS to parents/guardians detailing lost books.

viii)            Library management.

ix)                Android access. Accessible via your android phone.

x)                  Update of stock and other data.

xi)                Graduation of students from one level to the other.


Future development:

By September 2015, the following feature(s) will be functional:

i)                    General Store management. (This will help manage other items in your learning institution.)

ii)                  Library section – Online catalog.

By January 2015, the following feature(s) will be tested:

i)                    Accessibility via internet. To help school manager access records from wherever one is via internet.

ii)                  PhpMysql transfer – to integrate the data with your website so that some of the information can be accessed by users online.

iii)                Direct online updates.



This system was first developed and tested in 2014.


The following are some of our customers as by June 2015:

  1. Kagumo High School
  2. Nanyuki High School
  3. Nyeri High School
  4. Bishop Ngandu Girls
  5. Loise Girls Nanyuki.
  6. Giakanja Boys.
  7. Kenyatta Mahiga High School
  8. Mary Immaculate Girls.
  9. Gatugi Girls
  10. Rware High School.
  11. Muthaini – Girls
  12. Gitathi-ini Sec
  13.  Kangema Boys.
  14. Kiawambogo Sec


The following are some appointments as by July 2015:

  1. Musa Gitau Sec. Sch
  2. Chania Boys
  3. Chania Girls
  4. Kahuhia Girls
  5. Kerogo Sec. School.
  6. Gaichanjiru Sec.
  7. Alliance Girls
  8. Senior Chief Koinange
  9. Gatura Sec School
  10. Kenyoho Mixed
  11. Tumutumu Girls
  12. Kangubiri Girls
  13. Muruguru Girls
  14. Mathaithi Girls
  15. Baricho Boys
  16. Kiru Sec.
  17. Kiburu Boys
  18. Kibirigwi
  19. Precious Blood.
  20. Our Lady of Lourdes.








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