What is Smart TV? Its Features and Apps

The advancement in the world of technology has brought with it numerous gadgets to our homes and offices. Thanks to innovators who endeavor to make sure that the world has what it requires in the 21st century. One such item is a Smart TV. There is great hype today surrounding this crucial household item where almost everyone is rushing to acquire one.

What Is a Smart TV

A smart TV is a TV that has an operating system that enables us to access online-based media content without requiring additional gadgets. You can connect to Wi-Fi and access internet just as you would do with a computer. Towards this end, you can attach both your computer keyboard and mouse. This will give your TV the feel of a computer as you enjoy browsing the web.

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How Smart TV Works

With a smart TV, you have a variety of ways in which to use it. You can use it to access TV/cable channels. Otherwise you can connect it to the internet via ethernet cable or Wi-Fi connection. Meanwhile, you access a variety of Apps just like on your smart phone. Also, you can download more apps by searching for them from the internet right there on your TV. Consequently, all you do is to click on the app of your choice to view content or perform a task.

Wi-Fi and Ethernet Connection

As stated above, you can connect to internet using your smart TV. To do so, you require either Wi-Fi or ethernet connection. While the two are just okay, the ethernet may most probably guarantee better connectivity. To connect your TV via Wi-Fi, go to your TVs network settings and follow the guidelines given. Depending on your TVs make, you will be guided through the setup for the Wi-Fi connection. Remember your Wi-Fi may require a password.

What Apps Do you have?

Your TV comes installed with a number of Apps while you can still download more. Most Smart TVs come with Netflix, Yahoo, You tube among a number of other apps. This means that if you have an account let’s us say with Netflix, you can login and watch movies. On your smart TV you find a browser with which you can browse the internet just like you could do on your computer. If the browser is missing, just download it.

Still Clinging to your Old TV?

If you still wish to stick to your old TV, you need not worry. You can still convert it into a smart TV by use of Smart TV Box. In the market today, you will find a variety of such Smart TV Boxes. These boxes though with some limitations are good enough for a smart TV feel. Some of their downsides are that some apps clash from time to time taking you back to the start screen unlike with TV sets. At the same time, since you connect them via HDMI, they reduce the number of HDMI ports thus competing with your other gadgets. Meanwhile, the issue of using two remotes, one for TV and another for the smart box is not cool enough.

Therefore, apart from the budgetary limitations, it is always advisable to buy the TV set instead of these boxes. All the same, we state here again that they are good enough. Below is a list of some of the smart boxes available:

  1. Android Box
  2. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k
  3. Roku Streaming Stick
  4. Chrome Cast
  5. Minix Neo
  6. NVIDIA Shield TV
  7. Apple TV

Things You Do With a Smart TV?

It comes with a whole world of exciting features like screen mirroring and integrated voice assistance. With screen mirroring, you can view the content of your smartphone on your smart TV and vise versa. You can also play smart games like Star Fighetr, Bobble Dobble, Urban Ninja, Nut War and Flying Fish 2. All you need to do is to go to games settings and download your favourite one.

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With a smart TV you can sync with other smart devices like Bixby and Amazon Alexa. It is also possible to control your TV using your voice.

Other benefits include access to a huge number of channels with a variety of programs. You also get the web browsing experience by the use of the browser app. At the same time, you can access media stored on your computer via network connection. Also, you can send content from your smart tv to your smartphone. In this case, you continue watching while away from the TV.

In a nutshell, a smart TV is one gadget that you need in your home or office as a matter of priority.

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