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Digitizing your World of Work
Digitizing your World of Work

Company Background

The existense of Kwik Saf Express dates back to the year 2002. Our company started as an inhouse business undertaking simple tasks in computer and related services. With time, the company expanded its operations and has so far witnessed tremendous growth and massive contribution to the world of technology. This has been possible owing to the ever growing resolve to tackle daily problems and the desire to digitize people’s world of work. Going forward, our company remains determined to do much more towards making your place of work more digitized.

Our Products

Kwik Saf stands tall when it comes to addressing customers’ needs by availing relevant products. This far, most of our producs are based on learnig institutions and small businesses. The products range from resource management to customer-business interaction.

For learning institutions, the following are our major products:

1. Kwik Saf Academia Books Registry

Kwik Saf Express number one product is Kwik Saf Academia Books Regsitry.

Books Registry

Kwik Saf Academia Books Regsitry is a two-in-one product which manages class Texts and Library Books. The system keeps a record of Textbooks issued at class level tracking their issuance, return and loss. By the click of a button, one is able to tell which books is with who and which is lost, replaced or returned. You can also generate ratios per class, per subject and per book title. With this system, one can readily establish the status of books in stock hence make informed decision before enganging in buying new books. The system will assist you generate a number of crucial reports.

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