Enhancing Stock Management – New Functionalities

Kwik Saf Academia Registry endeavours to equip institutions of learning with a tool that would help the manage their resources in a better way.

One major challenge experienced within the ranks of learning institutions is that of managing teaching and learning resources; resources that you will agree with me are at the heart of any meaningful success of any institution. Managing the same becomes crucial  to any institution at any one given time.

Our tool, Kwik Saf Academia Registry, which has been in the market since 2014 and having been tested by numerous institutions is continuously being advanced and changing according to the prevailing dynamics and needs of our customers.

During the initial releases, Kwik Saf Academia Registry, then known as Kwik Saf Academia Books Registry, catered for Books alone in an institution. Currently, this tool has expanded its scope to cater for several other resources within a learning institution. Laboratory materials, boarding, games, music, drama, stores and fees balances are among new items that can now be managed from one central point. Kwik Saf Academia Registry helps the institution manage stock from a central point in such a way that, by the click of a button, one can tell the available stock, where it is and who has it.

Kwik Saf Academia Registry generates a number of reports with well stipulated analysis. These reports are tailored in a way that tries to answer a customers needs. These reports can be based on basis of date issued, group or individual to whom the items were issued, status of items e.g. those that are out of stores, those lost/damaged and those that were otherwise replaced.

The system also generates charge chits for students who have lost or withholding institutions items. These charge chits can either be printed out or sent out via SMS or email messages to their parents/guardians.

Send SMS
Sending SMS



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