Degree Vs Diploma Which do you pick?


The ever changing dynamics in the job market makes it necessary for you to have the right choice on your education path. This presents you with two choices. Diploma vs Degree! On the one hand you have degree courses while on the other you have diploma courses. The decision to chose either in a very critical life choice that calls for a serious consideration. Nevertheless, whatever choice you make, must be based on certain seriously considered facts.

Now that you are through with high school and you wish to chart your career path, it’s time to make that important choice. Assuming that you have qualified for both Degree and Diploma courses, let us look at the things you need to consider in deciding which of the two you are to pick.

Diploma vs Degree
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1. Theory Vs Practical Aspect of Degree or Diploma

The number one factor to consider is the marketability of either the Degree or Diploma course. While most university Degrees tend to tilt to theory, Diplomas focus more on vocational skills. In this case, most employers will be looking for a person with practical skills as opposed theoretical skills. In terms of practical skills, the diploma scores well compared to degree course. As you make a choice of course to undertake, consider the practical aspect of that course; if diploma scores highly than degree, go for it. In cases where the two are more or less the same, then go for a degree because the latter will pay better.

2. Your Chances of getting Hired

Keenly observe the labour market around you. Consider also the global trends in as far as job market is concerned before making a choice. Consequently, you realize that in most countries today, demand for vocational skills also called Technical skills remains high. This spans across several sectors of the job market. According to World Bank, in order to succeed in the 21st century labor market, one needs comprehensive sill set compose among others Technical skills. Technical skills equip you with knowledge, expertise and interactions that are necessary in performing specific tasks including mastery of materials, tools or technologies. All other factors held constant, Diploma or Degree courses which are technical skills based, rate so well for you.

3. Will You earn more with Degree or Diploma?

As a matter of fact, a well paying job is a grab for almost every other person. While making a choice between degree and diploma, pick the one that gives you a higher salary. In some cases, some diploma courses lead to higher salaries as compared to their equivalent bachelor degrees. In Australia, a 2017 report indicates that a full-time income for VET (Vocational education and training) graduates is $56,000. At the same time, a bachelor’s degree graduate earns $54,000. Explore salaries in your area of interest before making a choice.

4. Diploma vs Degree Completion Time

Depending on the education system of your country, Degree courses take more time than Diploma courses. In some countries, whereas it takes you three years to complete a degree course, two years will be adequate for diploma. Consequently owing to the nature of diploma courses, you will take less time in college thus allowing you early entry into the job market.

5. Cost of Education

In essence, the cost of undertaking a diploma remains as low as a third of that of a degree course. In some cases, governments tend to pump more money into VET education thus lowering fees. However, consider this cost against other crucial factors.

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